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Northarvest's Consumer Information Program

An important program of the Northarvest Bean Growers Association is to educate consumers about the healthy benefits of beans.  For more information on beans, including health information, recipes and more, visit one of these important sites:

  • The Bean Institute -- This new and exciting website is intended to help both dietitians and consumers improve their awareness and understanding of the nutrition and health benefits of dry beans, and provide interesting ways to add them to your menu!
  • The World Bean Kitchen:  Passport to Flavor -- The Culinary Institute of America's resource on the use of beans in great cuisine.





Class & Usage of Dry Beans From Northarvest Country

DarkRedKidney_03DARK RED KIDNEY:  Cooked whole, used in the classic three-bean salad, chili and many bean casserole and soup mixtures.  Dark Red Kidneys are popular worldwide.  They add a splash of color and texture to any dish.

Cranberry_03CRANBERRY: This member of the white bean family is mainly exported to Italy.  Cranberry beans are excellent in Italian dishes and serve as the main ingredient in Cranberry Bean Succotash -- a popular New England area recipe.

Pink_03PINK: Pink beans supplement the supply of edible beans used in in canned chili and other products.  Most commonly dry bagged, Pink beans are delicious when served barbecue style or cooked with spicy seasonings.

Black_03BLACK: The Black bean is a staple in such delicacies as Black Bean Soup and the Brazilian national dish Feijoada.  The earthy flavor and dark color of black beans make them a favorite, simple vegetable side or main dish, and salad or salsa.

Light-Red-Kidney_03LIGHT RED KIDNEY:  A lighter, tender-skinned version of the Dark Red Kidney.  Featured in creole recipes for red beans and rice, Light Reds star in chili, salad, sop and refried beans.

Navy_03NAVY:  This versatile white bean is commonly used in canned baked beans and in dry bagged form for boiling and baking.  Navy beans are perfect in soups and baked bean dishes.

Pinto_03PINTO:  Used in the U.S. and exported to markets around the world, these medium-sized beige and brown beans are usually dry bagged or canned.  They make excellent refried beans, bean paste, chili and other Mexican dishes.  They are excellent in baked bean recipes and casseroles.

SmallRed_03SMALL RED:  A small version of the Dark Red Kidney, Small Reds are canned or dry bagged.  They are interchangeable with kidney beans in any recipe.

GreatNorthern_03GREAT NORTHERN:  Great Northerns go well in baked bean recipes and casseroles.  Their delicate flavor also makes them a good choice for salads.


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