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Spicy Bean Soup with Dumplings
March 29, 2006

This recipe is from The Bean Cookbook.  It is a simple vegetarian soup; a one-dish meal made from canned and fresh vegetables and a quick bread topping.

Combine all the ingredients in a crockpot and cook them on low for 10  12 hours, high for 4  5 hours or some combination of the two that fits your schedule.  Automatic shift is a good option to get it simmering a little quicker.  Then 45 minutes before serving, turn the slow cooker to high heat, make the dumplings and drop them on the top of the soup.  Cover and cook for 30 minutes more.

The dumplings are pretty soft so if you have any leftovers you may want to discard the rest of the dumplings and just keep the soup.  Try it and see what you think. 

Serve the soup with toasted cheese sandwiches, crackers and cheese, a hamburger or cold meat sandwich and fruit.

Another option for this soup would be to add a pound of browned lean hamburger to the pot when you start.  The seasoning may need to be adjusted if you add ground meat.  If you dont have green chili peppers, use more chili powder or use jalapeno peppers for a hotter flavor.

The soup has a nice flavor and thick consistency.  And the dumplings were done in 30 minutes (test them with a toothpick).

Spicy Bean Soup With Dumplings

Six 1-1/2 cup servings (approx. 10
cups soup), 520 calories per serving,
7% calories from fat

Soup Ingredients:

2        cans (15-16 ounce) beans such as

          kidney, pinto or great northern,

          drained and rinsed

3        cups water

1        can (14-15 ounce) stewed tomatoes

1        can (15-ounce) whole-kernel corn,
          drained or creamed corn

2        medium carrots, sliced (1 cup)

1        large onion, chopped (1 cup)

1        can (4-ounce) chopped mild green

          chili peppers, undrained

2        tablespoons instant beef or chicken

          bouillon granules

1-2     teaspoons chili powder

1        teaspoon garlic powder or 2 cloves

          garlic, chopped fine


1.       Combine all ingredients in a slow

          cooker (Crockpot) and cook on low

          heat for 10-12 hours (or on high heat

          for 4-5 hours).

2.       About 45 minutes before mealtime,

          turn the slow cooker to high heat. 

          Mix together the dumpling recipe.

Cornmeal Dumpling Ingredients:

1/3     cup white flour

ΒΌ       cup cornmeal

1        teaspoon baking powder

          Dash salt and pepper

1        egg white, beaten

2        tablespoons low-fat milk

1        tablespoon cooking oil



1.       In a small mixing bowl, stir together

          the dry ingredients.

2.       In another bowl, combine the egg,

          milk and oil.

3.       With a fork, gently stir the egg

          mixture into the flour mixture. 

          Do not overmix. Drop rounded

          teaspoons of dumpling mixture on

          top of the soup.

4.       Cover the soup and cook for 30

          minutes more.


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