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The Bean Scene
June 19, 2006

The National Women, Infant and Children's annual conference was held in Houston, Texas, April 20 - May 3.  Jo Singleton, Anadarko, Oklahoma, attended the conference as the Oklahoma State Laura K. Savage Award winner with her poster display.  She printed out the "Beans: Agriculture to Health" lessons that Northarvest gave out at last year's conference and used them to make her prize winning display, "Quick and Easy Meals with Beans."  Jo featured "The Bean Cookbook"as her recipe source and had a crockpot full of soup for everyone to taste.  Lynee Bigwood exhibited for Northarvest Bean Growers.  Over 1400 WIC staff attended with 600 from Texas.  The rest came from around the USA including many tribal staff.  Three hundred cookbooks, 350 Bean Cookery Curriculum CD Roms and 200 sets of the four Magical Fruit posters were a big hit!  Ninety-five requests for samples of The Bean Cookbook were mailed out afterward.

North Dakota Agricultural Commodity groups, including Lynne Bigwood for
Northarvest Bean Growers, hosted a tour site, Ag Summit, for Extension staff at their annual Spring Conference.  Each commodity group gave a short talk on their resources and got a chance to visit with the attendees.

The next day, April 23rd, Lynne had a second chance to meet more Extension staff at the North Dakota Nutrition Council Spring Conference at the Best Western Ramkota in
Bismarck, ND.  She gave out the new Bean Cookery curriculum, posters and cookbooks to many nutrition educators from across the state.

The meeting had interesting speakers both morning and afternoon.  The FDA and ND Public Health Officer had important information to share.  FDA is working on food labeling for allergens.  They are trying to make it understandable and not so long that it is overwhelming.

North Dakotas Public Health Officer talked about working with communities to change behavior.  He said that rural communities have a real advantage because they all are on a first name basis and mostly the same class, so leaders can be identified, make a plan, commit resources and experience much involvement.  Larger towns, such as Bismarck, Fargo or Grand Forks dont have the same links.  He encouraged something that NHBG did so well last year with the new MyPyramid.  Be opportunistic.  Have your message ready and when the public or media asks or an opportunity presents itself, GO FOR IT!! The rest of his points were:  be respondent oriented, community ownership and engagement, incorporate horizontal communication strategies (within classes of people, not high to low or low to high), realize importance of informal messaging in changing/establishing behavior and appropriately utilize communication tools; social marketing and cultural communications.

The main speaker was Jill Fleming.  Her book is Thin People
Dont Clean Their Plates with success strategies for weight loss.  She recommends eating just a little bit, 2 or 3 bites, as soon as possible after waking from a nights sleep to break your 8 to 12-hour fast and start your metabolism.  Until you eat, your metabolism is still resting.  Leaving food on your plate is OK. Keep your stomach ¼ to ¾s full.  Being too hungryjust starvingencourages binging; overeating--eating until youre completely full or stuffed--leads to weight gain.  Keep nutritious, sensible snacks in your briefcase, desk, vehicle and home so that you will have easy, healthy choices available when youre hungry.  Your evening meal should be the end of the days eating.  Allow 3 hours after eating your evening meal before sleeping for good digestion.  Between meals, eat a smoothie made with super foods.  Eat lots and lots of fruit and vegetables.  Most people know what to do to eat healthy.  She recommended that diet counselors learn what she had to learn to be successful.  Listen to what their client already knows and then help them to accomplish their own goals.


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