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The Last Word
August 29, 2007

The following is an excerpt from the transcript of an interview last February of First Lady Laura Bush by cooking cutie Rachael Ray:

RR: Now, what about the girls? Were your girls  you have beautiful girls, by the way, because their mom is so pretty.

MRS. BUSH: Thanks.

RR: That wasnt a slam to dad, sorry. (Laughter.) But your girls, were they picky eaters?

MRS. BUSH: They werent picky eaters. They inherited a really good appetite from their dad and me. But they like foods, they like all foods, but theyre very careful about what they eat. Neither one of them eat a lot of meat.

RR: Oh, yes, well, that can be dangerous too, right? Too much red meat. But all things in moderation.

MRS. BUSH: All things in moderation. But they mainly have fish and vegetables.

RR: Theyre probably figure conscious.

MRS. BUSH: And beans, they love beans.

RR: Green beans or baked beans or 

MRS. BUSH: No, beans, like black beans, Cuban black beans or pinto beans.

RR: I love beans, too. Well, they can come over anytime they want, Ill whip them up a little black beans, no problem. (Laughter.)


This got us thinking, we should send a letter to Rachael, to see if shed be interested in featuring beans in her magazine or TV program.  So we did.  Check out the following letter we sent her.  Well let you know if she or someone from her show/magazine responds&


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