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Which "facts" are full of beans?
August 29, 2007

1.       Pound for pound, dried beans, also known as legumes, contain nearly as much protein as a steak.  True or false?

2.       Beans are a natural source of folate, which studies show can reduce the risk of heart disease,stroke and certain types of cancer.  True or false?

3.       Beans help reduce cholesterol. True or false?

4.       Beans protect against heart disease. True or false?

5.       Because beans have slow-release energy, they should be avoided by diabetics. True or false?

6.       Pinto beans are a good source of potassium. True or false?

7.       Baked beans have no nutritional value. True or false?

8.       The calorie content of one cup of cooked beans is equal to one cup of cooked rice, pasta, or a 7-ounce baked potato. True or false?

9.       A diet that regularly includes beans is good for circulatory problems.
True or false?

10.     Beans are the only food that fits into two groups on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid: vegetable and protein.

Answers: 1) True. 2) True. 3) True. 4) True. 5) False  bean intake can actually improve glucose control in diabetics.  6) True. 7) False; among the nutrients they contain are fiber, iron, and selenium. 8) True.  9) True. 10) True

Facts Source: Super Foods by Michael van Straten and Barbara Griggs,
Northarvest Bean Growers Association.

Featured in an article by Gwen Schoen McClatchy Newspapers


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