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Folate Facts
January 15, 2008

Folate facts - Our bodies do not produce folate, so it is important to get it from the foods we eat. Do you know how important folate is to your diet and which foods are good sources?

True or False

1. Dry beans are the best source of folate, but folate also is found in leafy green vegetables, fruit and fruit juice.

2. Eating 1 cup of cooked dry beans provides the daily recommended intake of folate for adults.

3. Folate is not a vitamin.

4. Folate plays an important role in proper cell development, which occurs rapidly during the earliest stages of pregnancy.

5. Studies show that folate may help reduce the risk of certain birth defects such as spina bifida.

6. Folate is important to pregnant women and young children, but it has no benefit for other adults.

7. Research has found that folate may help reduce the risk of several types of cancer because it plays an important role in healthy cell division and is crucial to the repair of damaged cells.


1) T; 2) T; 3) F. Folate is an important B vitamin. 4) T; 5) T; 6) F. Folate protects against heart disease by breaking down an amino acid called homocysteine. 7) T

Source: U.S. Dry Bean Council


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