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Legume ipmPIPE Program
June 18, 2008

Legume ipmPIPE (PIPE = Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education) project recently announced a website for growers to check out dry bean information on diseases, insect pest management, maps and management decisions that will help them throughout the growing season.

A team of university, USDA and industry specialists will be monitoring and reporting on priority disease and insect pests in critical legume crops grown across
North America. Team members include Sam Markell, NDSU extension plant pathologist at NDSU and Howard Schwartz, plant pathologist at Colorado State University. Both are excited and feel this website has been a long time coming.

Schartz stated that initially they were looking at the potential of soybean rust spreading from soybeans into other bean types. This program has since expanded so now we are studying other diseases that might be even more of a threat, for example, white mold and other bean issues. This is why our legume PIPE project has kind of expanded beyond just looking for soybean rust.

We want growers to use this website and let them know we need to get their participation in this part of the PIPE as well. We would really appreciate any feedback from growers in the Northarvest region. It would be a big help to us to have their input.

Markell agrees. With the help of growers, we have what we call sentinel plots scattered throughout the state. A sentinel plot is a spot in the field that we identify and are going to officially monitor during the growing season. When we go out to scout for different diseases, we will bring tissue back to the lab, isolate what is on it, look for bugs, aphids but mostly diseases, fungal diseases, rust and any other things. Once we get all this information, we will post it to the website so growers can see what we have been observing on beans.

Other plots are scattered throughout the
U.S.  Specialists will post updated information on a weekly basis regarding information on these plots. By updating the national maps on the website, it will be a heads up to neighboring counties/states that a disease or certain pests have been found.

The 2008 Legume ipmPIPE website will include a series of menus, maps, reports, illustrations, and management links for topics that may include legume crops, disease and insect pests. The PIPE enhances the role of Integrated Pest Management specialists by providing near real-time access to legume pest observations, model output, pest management information, as well as communication tools to support pest management decision making by growers.

Schartz is the western coordinator for the project and Marie Langham is the eastern coordinator. Schartz can be reached at,  Ph: 970-491-6987. Langham can be reached at, Ph: 605-688-5539.

Legume ipmPIPE Web Site:


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