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USDA Market News
August 01, 2012

Greeley, CO    Tue Jul 31, 2012    USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News

BEANS                                 Dealer                Grower
   N.E. Colorado                  63.00-68.00                50.00
   W. Nebraska/E. Wyoming         63.00-68.00                50.00
   N. Dakota/Minnesota            54.00-58.00          45.00-48.00
   N. Wyoming/ S.C. Montana       64.00-66.00          48.00-50.00
   Washington/Idaho             M 65.00-68.00                50.00
Great Northern
   Nebraska/Wyoming               50.00-52.00                42.00
   N. Dakota                      V Ltd 52.00          V Ltd 40.00
Light Red Kidney
   Colorado/Nebraska          Not Established          V Ltd 55.00
   Michigan                 V Ltd 63.00-64.50      Not Established
   Wisconsin/Minnesota      V Ltd 63.00-67.00          V Ltd 54.00
Dark Red Kidney
   Michigan                   Not Established      Not Established
   Minnesota/Wisconsin      V Ltd 67.00-68.00          V Ltd 55.00
   Washington/Idaho               V Ltd 60.00    V Ltd 45.00-48.00
   N. Dakota/Minnesota            V Ltd 60.00          V Ltd 45.00
Small Red
   Washington/Idaho         V Ltd 60.00-62.00      Not Established
   Michigan                 V Ltd 60.00-62.00      Not Established
   N. Dakota/Minnesota        Not Established      Not Established
   Michigan                       45.00-47.00      Not Established
   N. Dakota/Minnesota            45.00-47.00      Not Established
Pea Bean
   Michigan                   Ltd 52.50-55.00      Not Established
   N. Dakota/Minnesota            V Ltd 54.00            Ltd 42.00
   Washington/Idaho (52/60)       V Ltd 58.00          40.00-42.00
   N. Dakota/Montana          Not Established      Not Established
Green Pea - Split             Not Established        ----------- 
         Whole Vine           Not Established      Not Established
            Upright           Not Established          15.00-17.00
Yellow Pea - Split            Not Established        ----------- 
             Whole            Not Established          V Ltd 16.00
Austrian Winter Pea           Not Established      Not Established
Lentil - Brewers            V Ltd 33.40-36.00    V Ltd 28.00-29.00
         Pardina            V Ltd 33.25-36.00    V Ltd 28.00-29.00
N. Dakota
Green Pea -  Whole            Not Established          14.17-15.00
Yellow Pea - Whole            Not Established          13.33-14.17
Lentil - Richlea              Not Established          V Ltd 16.00
    Baby Lima                 Not Established    V Ltd 48.00-49.00
    Large Lima                Not Established      Not Established
       Canning                  -----------        Not Established
    Blackeye                  Not Established      Not Established
    Garbanzo (54/58s)         Not Established      Not Established


    BEANS:  Trade and demand were limited this week as the majority of the
industry contacts were at the US Dry Bean Convention last week. All varieties
remained mostly steady.  Hot and dry conditions persist in Colorado and Nebraska
with 30 percent of Colorado’s crop and 48 percent of Nebraska’s crop rated in
good to excellent condition according to NASS.  The North Dakota crop’s good to
excellent rating fell from 58 percent to 52 percent this week after reports of
hot and dry conditions in the area.  Cooperative weather in Minnesota has the
bean crop rated at 64 percent in good to excellent condition.  Some wide price
spreads are being reported due to quality differences within varieties. Most of
the varieties remained generally steady.

    Dealer:  PINTO BEANS were mostly steady with the bulk of CO/WY from 63.00 to
65.00.  GREAT NORTHERN BEANS were steady.  LIGHT RED KIDNEY BEANS were mostly
steady.  DARK RED KIDNEY BEANS were steady.  PINK BEANS were mostly steady. 
SMALL RED BEANS were steady.  BLACK BEANS were steady.  PEA BEANS were mostly
steady.  GARBANZOS were mostly steady.

    Grower:  PINTO BEANS were steady.  GREAT NORTHERN BEANS were steady.  LIGHT
RED KIDNEY BEANS were mostly steady.  DARK RED KIDNEY BEANS were steady. PINK
BEANS were steady.  SMALL RED BEANS were not established.  BLACK BEANS were not
established.  PEA BEANS were steady.  GARBANZOS were steady.


IDAHO/WASHINGTON:  Trading activity was slow to moderate, with light demand.

   Dealer:  Brewer Lentils and Pardina Lentils were mostly steady. Green Peas,
Yellow Split Peas, and Austrian Winter Peas were not established.

   Grower: Green Whole Upright Peas, Yellow Peas, Brewer Lentils, and Pardina
Lentils were mostly steady. Green Whole Vine Peas and Austrian Winter Peas were
not established.

NORTH DAKOTA/MONTANA:  Trading activity was slow with light demand.

   Dealer: Whole Green Peas, Whole Yellow Pea and Richlea Lentils were not

   Grower: Green Peas, Yellow Peas, and Richlea Lentils were mostly steady.

CALIFORNIA:  Trading activity was slow on light demand.

   Dealer: Baby Limas, Large Limas, Blackeyes, and Garbanzos were not

   Grower: Baby Limas traded steady.  Large Limas, Canning Quality Large Limas,
Blackeyes, and Garbanzos were not established.

Source: USDA-CO Dept of Ag Market News Service, Greeley, CO
        Tess Norvell Market Reporter  970-353-9750


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