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How to estimate dry bean yields.
August 12, 2004

How to:

estimate dry bean yields...

You can estimate dry bean yields by knowing the number of seeds per pod, pods per plant and plants per 1/1000th of an acre. At the time of counting seeds and pods, the maturity status of each should be determined.

If a seed or pod will not mature, it shouldnt be counted. Then count the total plants per 1/1000th acre to complete the data collection.


Length of row equal to 1/1000th acre

An accurate estimate of plant population per acre can be obtained by counting the number of plants in a length of row equal to 1/1000 of an acre. Make at least three counts in separate sections of the field, calculate the average of these samples, then multiply this number by one thousand (1,000).

                 Length of Single Row
 Row Width    to Equal 1/1000 of an acre
 (inches)        (feet)       (inches)
     6             87             1
    10             52             3
    15             34            10
    22             23             9
    30             17             5
    36             14             6

Within a representative and uniform plant stand, randomly select five plants each from at least five randomly selected locations in the field.

Keeping all plant data separate, pull and count the pods from each plant and then count the seeds to determine average seeds per pod for all five replications. These data are combined with the average number of plants per 1/1000th acre.  

                   Average Number of Seeds per Pound
 Kidneys               	900-1000
 Pintos                  	1400
 Great Northerns      	1600-1800
 Pinks/Small Reds     	1600-2000
 Navies/Blacks           	3000
Seeds per pound can vary 10-20% for different varieties within a bean class. If available, use reported estimates for seed number per pound for your variety.
The accuracy of yield estimate can be improved by counting seeds and pods from at least 10 plants per replication.


1. (Average seeds per pod) x (average pods per plant) equals average seeds per plant.

2. (Average seeds per plant) x (plants per 1/1000th of an acre) x (1000) divided by seeds per pound of the variety equals yield in pounds per acre.


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