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Bush Brothers profile
April 14, 2005

"Roll that beautiful bean footage."

That's the tag line on what may be one of the most successful ad campaigns by a dry bean processor. The line comes from Bush Brothers & Company, the makers of Bush Beans.

In 1993, Bush Bothers & Company set out to do a unique commercial using Jay and his "talking" dog, Duke, to sell the baked beans. The result? The company doubled the national market share in baked beans and in 1995, the ad won a Gold Effie, one of the most prestigious awards in TV advertising.

At that time, Bush had 48 % share in the national market in baked beans.  It jumped to 80% eight years later.  The commercials have Jay Bush touting the great taste of Bush Beans and keeping the family's recipe a secret, with Duke in the background willing to sell the recipe for a price.

You can see all of the TV ads on Bush's web site at

These comical ads include Duke's favorite line, "Roll that beautiful bean footage."

Many products

Bush's Baked Beans are the flagship of the company and come in many varieties including Original, Barbecue, Bold and Spicy and even a vegetarian product.  Chili is another product line of Bush Beans.

Other products include black beans, black eyed peas, cannelline beans, navy, butter beans, garbanzo, kidney dark red beans, pinto beans and even sauerkraut.  You can add these to your own dish or use them as a side dish.

For the cooks that are kitchen challenged, Bush Beans has several product lines available that you can add your own meat and tomatoes.  A new product on the market is a microwavable cup in a convenient 7.5 oz size - the Original Baked Bean.

The Bush Bean's web site supplies a variety of recipes, ranging from Shake-A-Leg Chicken with Cool Kraut to My Big Fat Greek Stew. Dufault is a Red Lake Falls, Minn., writer.


Bush Bean facts:

1)       Top 2 months for chili consumption are January and December.

2)       Bush Brothers sells more than 55 million pounds of chili, kidney and pinto beans in one year - the weight equivalent to 4,200 male African elephants.


At a Glance

1)       Bush Brothers has 80% share of the baked bean market.

2)       Ads featuring Jay and his talking dog, Duke, helped increase sales.

3)       Bush buys 65% of navy beans and 80% of pintos from Northarvest.


65% from Northarvest

According to Lynn Murray, senior manager of dry bean procurement at Bush Brothers, 65% of the company's navy beans come from the North Dakota/Minnesota growing area.

Approximately 80% + of the pintos come from the area as well and slightly over 50% of the dark red kidney beans come from Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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