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EPA labels Cruiser
April 14, 2005

Cruiser® seed treatment insecticide has received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use on peas and dry beans to guard against a broad spectrum of early season sucking and chewing insect pests.

 "Cruiser offers large-seeded vegetable growers superior protection against some of the most economically important insects of peas and dry beans. It offers growers an alternative to planter-box, in-furrow and early season foliar insecticide applications," says Jerry Johnson, crop manager for Syngenta Seed Treatment. "With the option to add a fungicide seed treatment like Apron XL® and Maxim® 4FS, growers are protected against insects and diseases from the start, which results in improved stand establishment, enhanced plant vigor and increased yield potential."

Controls insects

For dry bean growers, the biggest insect threats are potato leafhopper, seedcorn maggot, beetles, wireworms and aphids. Hopperburn, caused by leafhoppers sucking juices from leaves, reduces early plant health early and limits crop development. Seedcorn maggot burrows into the seed, thereby slowing emergence and reducing stand establishment.

Cruiser improves stand establishment, giving growers a head-start toward a successful harvest by protecting against early season damage caused by these insects.

How Cruiser works

Cruiser protects against insects through both contact and stomach activity. Once absorbed through contact or feeding, the active ingredient in Cruiser, thiamethoxam, interferes with the receptors in the insect that transmit the message to feed. As a result, the insect stops feeding and the plant is protected.

Cruiser is commercially applied by certified seed application facilities at low use rates, offering added convenience compared to conventional insecticide management programs.

For more information about Cruiser, contact your Syngenta crop protection or seed treatment representative, or ask your seed dealer.


At a glance

*        EPA labels Cruiser for use as seed treatment.

*        Cruiser helps control seed corn maggots and other insects.

*        Can be mixed with fungicides to protect seed from both insects and diseases.


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