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Beans on the food pyramid
June 21, 2005

The new food pyramid issued recently by USDA is great news for beans, according to the American Dry Bean Board (ADBB).  Beans are the only food included in two separate food groups - meat and vegetable. 

As a meat equivalency (meats & beans) and as a vegetable, beans are an easy way for Americans to start taking small steps to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

USDA;s new dietary guidelines recommend that most Americans nearly triple the amount of beans they eat.




















Colored, vertical stripes represents the five food groups, as well as fats and oils, in the new food pyramid. Orange stands for grains; green vegetables; red, fruits; blue, milk and dairy products; purple, meats, beans, fish and nuts; yellow, oils. The figure climbing the staircase Illustrates the importance of exercise. Some of the other messages this new symbol is trying to send: Eat a variety of foods. A balanced diet is one that includes all the food groups.  Eat less of some foods, and more of others. The bands for meat and protein (purple) and oils (yellow) are skinnier than the others. You need less of those kinds of foods than you do of fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy foods. You also can see the bands start out wider and get thinner as they approach the top. That's designed to show you that not all foods are created equal, even within a healthy food group like fruit.


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