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2004 sees Debut of new nutrition resource
January 17, 2006

Northarvest Bean Growers Association has a new nutrition resource for nutrition educators.  Jane Edwards, NDSU Extension nutrition and health specialist and a licensed registered dietitian wrote Beans: Agriculture to Health, a power point presentation for county extension staff to use.

Northarvest did a peer review of the materials as they were developed and contributed resources and pictures.


The Bean Cookbook expanded to meet demands
Northarvest expanded The Bean Cookbook by 44 pages.  It now includes new recipes from Lynne Bigwoods cooking column and illustrated crockpot cooking instructions.  North Dakota WIC provided the nutrition analysis and set up the pages for printing.

Showing beans to the little sprouts

At the 2005 KYFR Ag Expo in Bismarck, Home Economist, Lynne Bigwood helped teach young students about dry bean production in the Living Ag Classroom.  By playing the Bean Crazy board game, children saw how beans are grown, processed and used in food products.  They also learned how their decisions, weather and markets affect their success (earnings) as bean farmers. The Northarvest Bean Growers Association was one of 13 groups presenting lessons about agriculture production in North Dakota.  About 1,000 fourth grade students from 53 different classrooms around the region attended.

American Dry Bean Board

Northarvest continues to be involved with The American Dry Bean Board.  ADBB is an organization of bean producers, canners, processors, packagers and others in the bean industry. The group is united with a common goal - spreading the good news about beans through the Bean Education & Awareness Network (B.E.A.N.). For more information about the ADBB visit

ADBB news stories:

June 28, 2004           Dry beans are smart fuel for low-carb dieters

August 18, 2004       Beans, blueberries stand tall as top antioxidants

November 9, 2004     Colorado State University to study beans as a cancer fighter

January 12, 2005      New U.S. dietary guidelines for Americans call for increased bean consumption

January 31, 2005      Beans may reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers

February 16, 2005     Americans fall behind the rest of the world in bean consumption

April 5, 2005             Substitute beans for beef as healthy alternative when cooking

Diets Including Beans May Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease and Certain Cancers

What food is high in protein, virtually fat free and has more fiber than many whole grain foods? Its beans & and now a new U.S. dietary guidance message says that diets including beans may reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

Dietary guidance messages are part of an effort by the FDAs Consumer Health Information for Better Nutrition Initiative (CHIBNI) to encourage good nutrition among consumers in multiple ways, including promoting and enhancing dietary guidance messages on food labels. Dietary guidance messages are an opportunity to communicate with consumers and remind them about important health and nutrition information.

The new dietary guidance message about beans comes on the heels of the 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which recommend Americans eat more than three times the amount they currently consume - three cups per week.

Beans, such as Kidney, Pinto, Navy and Black, are naturally low in total fat, contain no saturated fat or cholesterol, and provide important nutrients such as fiber, protein, calcium, iron, folic acid and potassium. Their health benefits are consistent with many existing FDA-approved health claims, specifically those related to heart disease and cancer. In addition to health benefits related to heart disease and cancer, studies also suggest eating beans as part of a healthy diet may help to manage diabetes and help cut the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.



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