Michigan's Huron County Top Producer
August 21, 2008

Michigans Huron County was the leading dry-edible bean region in 2006. Huron accounted for 45 percent of Michigans dry bean crop with growers there harvesting 84,000 acres, down 1 percent from 2005. Per-acre yield rose 14 percent from a year earlier to 2,180 poundssecond only to the 1999 record high of 2,360 pounds.

Although dry bean production has waned in the state of
Michigan, production in Huron remains strong, with output in 2006 the third-highest on record. Although it is possible Huron remained the top producer in 2007, until estimates for Michigan  counties are released later this year, North Dakotas Walsh County stands as the top  producer, the position it last held in 2003. Walsh accounted for 16 percent of North Dakotas dry bean crop in 2007. Production in Walsh County rose 51 percent in 2007 as good weather pushed yields up 56 percent to 1,766 pounds.

Yields were strong across most
North Dakota counties in 2007, led by Barnes County at 2,036 pounds per acre. Dry bean production is relatively widespread in North Dakota with 19 counties reporting production of more than 10 million pounds. The top five only accounted for 58 percent of the States 2007 crop. Five of the top 10 dry bean counties in the Nation are in North Dakota with four (Walsh, Grand Forks, Pembina, and Wells) frequently among the top five national producers annually.





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