Mexico Rainfall to Begin Slowly Improving
June 14, 2012

According to World Weather, Inc. senior agricultural meteorologist Drew Lerner, the development of rain so far this month in central and northern Mexico has been seriously slow in the most drought-stricken areas, and relief will be slow to come. However, Lerner says some improving rainfall is predicted in the next two weeks, but rain amounts will still be lighter than average in some areas. Concern continues to build around the prospects for El Nino later this summer and that may reduce late season rains again, leaving odds very high that water supply will not be restored to normal this year and production could still be at risk if rainfall is more erratic than usual. The bottom line is that relief is on the way and the distribution of rain will be sufficient for many crops in July and August, but rainfall after that may become erratic and lighter than usual, depending on how quickly El Nino evolves. The only good news about El Nino is the fact that winter rainfall should be greater than usual this year and that will benefit winter crops and set the stage for better weather in 2013.




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