Bean recipes by Lynne Bigwood.
January 09, 2004

One of my friends has raved about these wonderful baked beans many times. When I served it, we all agreed that the beans were good, but "amazingly sweet." If your family likes very sweet baked beans, this is the recipe for you.

When I make it again, I will decrease the sweeteners and make "maple baked beans" or cut both the syrup and brown sugar amounts in half. This recipe was originally twice this large, so for a crowd or your freezer, double the recipe.

The second recipe came from a local "soup favorites" article that our newspaper ran a few weeks ago. Jeanette Leim from Turtle Lake, ND, submitted this recipe for bean soup. A bean soup with knoephla or "scissor noodles" was a new combination to me. It is a hearty ham and bean soup with nice, tender knoephla.

 Definitely worth making again!

The original instructions for both of these recipes added ketchup or tomatoes before the dry beans were fully cooked. If you find a recipe with those instructions, delay adding the tomato products until the beans are cooked to tender. Acid ingredients (tomatoes, ketchup, chili sauce, lemon or vinegar, wine, and molasses) bind the pectin in the dry beans preventing them from becoming tender. It is better to insure success by adding those products after the dry beans are fully cooked, rather than follow a recipe that adds them too early and end up frustrated with beans that never get tender. After the beans are cooked, adding acid ingredients adds flavor and helps to preserve their shape. Smart bean cooks can insure successful cooking adventures by editing new recipes.

See Lynnes recipes for 1.Jane's Baked Beans and 2. Jeanette's Bean and Knoephla Soup under "consumer recipes."




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